When Are Hotels at Fault for Accidents on their Premises?

When Are Hotels at Fault for Accidents on their Premises?
Hotels are visited by hundreds of families, travelers, and business people every day. In response, strict attention to guest needs should be a top priority in the hospitality industry. Many people are unsure whether a hotel is responsible for what specific injuries suffered by guests on their premises. Liability in hotel accidents is largely decided on a case-by-case basis, but for the most part, hotels are only at fault for injuries suffered by their guests if the accident occurred as a result of hotel negligence. Hotels have certain responsibilities regarding the safety of their guests, but unless the hotel fails to abide by their duty of care—or the accident was a foreseeable outcome of a hotel’s carelessness—they cannot be held liable for injuries. This theory of negligence is explained in more detail below:

Reasonably Foreseeable Injuries
If there is a freshly mopped section of the hotel lobby without a “wet floor” sign, a guest falling on the slippery floor is a predictable outcome. In this case, and others where a hotel ignores an issue that is likely to cause injury, the hotel has a high chance of being held liable for injuries. However, it must be proven that a hotel knew about the issue and failed to act.

Similarly, hotels are required to have adequate security measures in place for their guests, such as security cameras, lighted parking garages, and locked doors. If a guest is a victim of a crime as a result of a hotel’s failure to implement proper security, the hotel can be at fault for resulting injuries. However, if security measures were in place and a guest was still a victim of criminal activity, the hotel is not at fault for injuries suffered since it took measures to prevent such accidents.

What Needs to be Proven?
A claim of hotel negligence requires four pieces of evidence. They include:

The hotel had a duty owed to guests
The hotel breached that duty by acting negligently
The resulting accident was a foreseeable outcome of the breached duty
The accident caused injuries and damages
Because these cases are so subjective, determining whether you are eligible to seek damages from a hotel accident is confusing. To ensure you have the correct information, enlisting representation from a highly skilled premises liability lawyer is essential.

Contact a Premises Liability Lawyer
If you have suffered injuries on hotel property, the hotel may be liable for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more. Don’t hesitate to contact a premises liability lawyer from Chris Mayo Law Firm for dedicated representation in your case. Our legal team can aggressively pursue damages for any injuries you have unjustly suffered. Reach out to us today by calling our San Antonio offices at (210) 999-9999.

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